The Preachers of Divine Mercy (PDM) Attapady priestly community completes 6 years of God’s grace.


On 24 April 2018, Mar Jacob Manathodath, then Bishop of Palakkad Diocese, initiated the PDM priestly community as a Pious Union, with the aim of it being elevated to a Monastery sui iuris in the future. From then until now, the wonderful divine providence of God has been clearly evident. By the third year since its establishment, on 30th May 2021, the PDM priestly community was elevated to the status of a Monastery sui iuris of Eparchial Rite. In May 2020, PDM’s first dependent monastery (PDM Ruha Mount Attapady) was begun on the Narasimukk route at Melathavalm, Attapady.

New dependent monasteries had to be established for the convenience of formation due to the increasing number of seminarians joining PDM each year. The superior general of PDM, Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil, changed his residence to Ruha Mount on 6th January 2021 for the initial proceedings of the dependent monastery. Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal was appointed the Superior of PDM Hills Monastery and organized its affairs.

On the 1st of January 2022, PDM’s second dependent monastery was established at Kuravilangad for which Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal oversees the responsibilities. On 28th February 2023, the PDM House in Mannuthy was blessed by Mar Jacob Manathodath. The seminarians studying Philosophy and Theology at Mary Matha Major Seminary in Thrissur reside here. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil takes care of the responsibilities of this house, along with Fr. Samson in the absence of Fr Xavier.

The founders of the Preachers of Divine Mercy Monastery (PDM) are Mar Jacob Manathodath, Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil PDM, Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal PDM, and Sr. Amy Emmanuel ASJM.

On 3rd May 2020, Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and Rev. Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal took their perpetual vows and became the first members of PDM. Following this on the 6th of April 2022, Rev. Fr. Samson Mannoor took his perpetual vows and went onto become the third member of PDM. Including the priests who have their taken perpetual vows and those in formation, there are currently 56 members in PDM. The first batch will enter their second year of Theology in June 2024.

We look back with immense gratitude towards the Church authorities, priests, and religious sisters who worked together to make PDM a reality. On this anniversary (April 24), we remember with great affection and gratitude as well as entrust to the Word of Grace the thousands of ministers in Sehion Ministries, the countless missionaries in Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries (AFCM), the tens of thousands of benefactors and their families who stood united with us, as well as the innumerable brothers and sisters who prayed, loved, encouraged, and strengthened us. May God bless and shower abundant graces upon all who stood by us in both favourable and unfavourable circumstances along this journey.

Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries (AFCM) is the missionary movement of the PDM and ASJM Monasteries. We offer up to God’s blessings all the AFCM missionaries, who have walked with us in prayer over these years. As PDM completes 6 years on 24th April 2024, your faces shine brightly in my mind. Thank you all….

Together with Rev Bishop Manathodath, Rev Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal, and Rev Sr. Amy with love,

Yours truly,




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