PDM (Preachers of Divine Mercy)is a monastery under Syro Malabar Catholic Church.
It was founded by Bishop Jacob Manathodath, Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil, Fr Binoy Karimaruthinkal and Sr Amy Emmanuel ASJM.

In 24th April 2018, the then-bishop of Palakkad Diocese officially established PDM as a clerical pious union with the aim of raising it as a monastery in the future. The formation house for the first batch of PDM started on 28th April 2018. On 4th December 2018, the first house was blessed in PDM Hills at Thavalam Padavayal at a place known as Pazhathottam. The works then began at PDM Hills to accommodate for various batches at each phase. On 3rd May 2020, Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil and Fr Binoy Karimaruthinkal became the first members of PDM by making their perpetual vow in the presence of Mar Jacob Manathodath. On 15th October 2020, the seminary was blessed by Mar Jacob Manathodath along with the vestition of the first batch of PDM.
On 28th April 2021, Mar Jacob Manathodath officiated the first batch making their first vow. The initial works of the first dependent monastery of PDM started on 31st May 2020 at Ruha Mount, which is one kilometre away from Karivadam village along the Mele Thavalam-Narasimukk route. On 6th January 2021, the feast of Denaha (Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ), Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil, the first superior of the Preachers of Divine Mercy, moved to Ruha Mount to take charge of the formation activities at Ruha Mount Monastery. On 30th May 2021, PDM was erected as a Monastery sui juiris in the Catholic Church. Furthermore, houses for PDM were established in Kuravilangad of Pala Diocese on 1st January 2022, and at Mannuthy of Thrissur Archdiocese on 28th February 2023. On 6th April 2022, Fr Samson Mannoor made his perpetual vow as the third member of PDM, officiated by Mar Jacob Manathodath. Currently there are three priests who have taken their perpetual vows, along with 53 brothers (PDM candidates) in various stages of formation in the PDM monastery. The 15 brothers who have taken their first vows are currently studying philosophy and theology at Vadavathoor Seminary in Kottayam and at Marymatha Seminary at Thrissur. The brothers conduct their study at the abovementioned seminaries as day-scholars while residing in a house near to the seminary. PDM currently has 5 brothers in Novitiate formation, along with 10 brothers in postulancy and aspirancy stages, as well as 10 brothers who are about to enter aspirancy. Aside from these, there are 13 others who are currently pursuing their university studies.